Standards of Conduct Policy

Rev. 20201012

    1. For the common good and welfare of all employees, Westlake Tool & Die Mfg. Co., Inc. (herein after referred to as Company) has certain rules which are in effect. The whole purpose of refusing certain actions of our group is to avoid conduct which could interfere with the efficient business of this Company and to assure all employees safety and fairness in their cooperative effort.
    2. The Company is listing here those actions which we believe are against the best interests of the majority. This policy is applicable all times while on company property and may be amended from time to time to meet changing needs or abuses. Failure to respect these rules for orderly conduct will subject an employee to disciplinary action or even discharge, as listed below.
    1. The Company, as a matter of law and general practice, has the right to implement reasonable work rules governing the conduct of employees on Company premises.
    2. “Company premises” includes all property, facilities, parking areas, buildings, automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles, whether owned, leased, or used. It also includes other work locations, including travel incident to, or in the course of and scope of an employee’s employment.
    3. “Employee” means any person in the service of the Company for compensation of any kind.
    4. “Prospective employee” means any person under consideration for employment by the Company
    1. Any employee who receives a reprimand for a violation of any rule and who receives no further reprimands for violating the same rule for a twelve (12) month period will have earlier reprimands, for violation of that rule only, removed from consideration.
      1. The following actions will result in immediate discharge from employment with the Company and removal from Company premises:
        1. Giving false or misleading information when applying for employment.
        2. Absence from work for three (3) consecutive days without notifying the supervisor; failure to make proper arrangements for absences longer than three (3) days; failure to return to work promptly after a leave of absence; for new employees, any absence without notice during the first ten (10) days of employment with the Company.
        3. Stealing from the Company or from a fellow employee.
        4. Disorderly conduct or fighting.
        5. Insubordination, disobedience, or incompetence.
        6. Carrying concealed weapons.
        7. Ringing another employee’s timecard, failing to report to the supervisor if another employee rings your card, or falsifying any timekeeping record.
      1. The following actions will result in a five (5) day suspension of employment with the Company on the first offense. A second offense will result in immediate discharge from employment with the Company and removal from Company premises:
        1. Deliberate destruction of property or repeated negligence resulting in an excessive amount of scrap, inferior work, or breakage of tools.
        2. Reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or bringing liquor or drugs into the plant or Company premises (as defined in the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy).
        3. Leaving one’s regular work or department during work hours without the authorization of the supervisor.
      1. Participation in any of the following actions will result in the following graduated reprimands:
      2. 1st Offense – Verbal Warning
      3. 2nd Offense – Written Warning
      4. 3rd Offense – Three (3) Day Suspension
      5. 4th Offense – Discharge
        1. Frequent tardiness or absence from work without permission (As per Attendance Policy)
        2. Idling or loitering during work hours in any part of the plant.
        3. Using cellphone for leisure in washrooms or elsewhere during work hours.
        4. Stopping work before the end of the shift without permission of the supervisor.
        5. Remaining longer than necessary after working hours without permission of the supervisor.
        6. Collecting money, selling, circulating petitions, distributing printed matter, or soliciting of any kind on Company time or premises without the Company’s permission.
        7. Flagrant disregard of safety and health regulations.
        8. Gambling, pushing, and running, horseplay, throwing things on Company premises.
        9. Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or interfering with fellow employees.
        10. Smoking, contrary to established Company rules.
        11. Immoral conduct or indecency.
        12. Using profane, abusive, or threatening language toward fellow employees or supervisors.
    1. All information, interviews, reports, statements, or memoranda generated or received by the Company in regard to violations of these policies are confidential communications and will only be used in proceedings related to disciplinary or personnel actions taken by the Company. All the documentation and/or information remains solely the property of the Company.
    1. The Company reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.
    2. The Company will seek to notify employees of changes by appropriate means. However, such notice is not required for changes to be effective.
    3. All employees will be required to sign an acknowledgement form indicating that they have been provided with a copy of the written policy, and further indicating the date of receipt of the written policy.

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