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Customers from many industries come to Westlake Tool & Die to ensure their most challenging jobs are done correctly. We have decades of experience exceeding customer expectations in a wide range of industries—even those with the most demanding standards. We’re equipped to flawlessly meet those tough standards because we have the knowledge of the materials that work best in each situation and physical environment.

Food Processing

For more than 30 years, we’ve produced a variety of high-quality parts and equipment to meet the rigid demands this industry requires. We are experts who can work with special grades of stainless steel and produce products with extremely close tolerances. From components of mixing and blending machines to conveyor systems that transport all types of food, the equipment we manufacture for this industry must be perfect.
  • Our industry specialties
    Conveyor belt systems and equipment for food processing, canning, bottling and packaging


Our experience in this industry is far-reaching. It includes working with anything from the highly visible plumbing fixtures you use every day to producing stampings and assemblies used to install and repair plumbing lines in residential, commercial and industrial buildings—and even those under city streets. Material selection (i.e, whether to use high-carbon spring steel, tempered stainless steels or special alloys), processing and finishing is critical for a successful project. We apply our extensive knowledge to help our customers bring cost-effective products to the marketplace. From the simplest plumbing-fixture clip to a complex piece of equipment designed to hold large-diameter oil or gas pipes, the products we manufacture for this industry can meet any product need. Our ability to effectively stamp, weld, paint and assemble entire product lines also makes us a go-to supplier in the plumbing industry.
  • Our industry specialties
    Valves, stands, fixtures, fittings and cutting attachments

Electrical Transmission

Having extensive knowledge of how certain materials react to electricity and electric currents is of utmost importance when manufacturing products for this industry. There’s no room for error when your equipment needs to handle excessive voltage, and we have the expertise to deliver fail-safe products.
  • Our industry specialties
    Transformer components and parts used to affix electrical lines to utility poles


From lighting fixtures for school buses and emergency vehicles to housings for locomotive gauges, the components we manufacture for this industry can generally be described as those that are crucial to safety—they both ensure the safety of passengers and the safe transport of heavy cargo.
  • Our industry specialties
    Lighting fixtures for school buses, as well as commercial and emergency vehicles; and components for locomotives and rail cars


We’re experts at manufacturing the parts of commercial lighting fixtures that aren’t often thought of—but that can’t fail. We make anything from the housings that keep light fixtures secured to ceilings, to the hidden rails that support entire lighting structures to clips that keep light bulbs in place. We’re proud to say we’ve helped design a single piece to replace as many as seven separate ones, saving customers millions in assembly and inventory costs. All of the lighting components we produce promise flawless installation of commercial lighting—and we even make parts used in specialty lighting for highly price- conscientious residential applications.
  • Our industry specialties
    A wide variety of pieces used in commercial lighting installations


Companies within this industry need to constantly update their products to meet regulations and standards. Rigorous demands for improved efficiency and environmental sustainability are a daily reality. We provide the solutions that make new products more efficient and cost-effective, which often means offering design or material recommendations based on our expertise.
  • Our industry specialties
    Products for heating, air filtration, refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Home Appliances

Globally, the home appliance industry is extremely competitive. We have the ability—and expertise—to source materials and provide cost-saving solutions that allow our customers to remain competitive in the international marketplace. We’ll recommend materials, combine parts or provide fastening solutions to reduce your overall cost.
  • Our industry specialties
    A variety of parts used in washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators

Lawn & Garden

We have the knowledge of the correct materials and processes that are necessary to guarantee all components we manufacture for this industry meet our customers’ life cycle expectations. If an improper material is selected or the right post-treatment isn’t applied, a major injury could be the end result.
  • Our industry specialties
    Safety and braking mechanisms for mowers, chippers and snow throwers

Medical & Home Care Devices

Any product made for this industry must be designed not just to last, but to perform optimally for its entire lifetime. Our experience allows us to make design suggestions that improve upon life-extending equipment, such as respirators, home oxygen machines, rehabilitation equipment and wheelchairs. Our knowledge allows us to make recommendations that make designs more ergonomic and lightweight without compromising their durability. We also know that cleanliness is paramount when manufacturing components that will be used to save lives.
  • Our industry specialties
    Components for wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, home oxygen machines, CPAP machines and respirators

Commercial Office Furniture

We make parts that ensure your office cubicle walls remain sturdy and don’t topple over.
  • Our industry specialties
    Partition wall components


The braking mechanism of an airplane must work, and we have the skill set to produce the precise landing gear parts to make sure it does.
  • Our industry specialties
    Brake components for single-engine planes

“How we treat our customers, employees and vendors over the course of each day is what matters to us the most.”

– Seamus Walsh, President of Westlake Tool & Die

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