Why Choose Westlake Tool & Die

Immediately after choosing Westlake Tool & Die, you’ll realize we have an extensive depth of knowledge and the real-world experience to complement it. We’re positioned to quickly become your full-service tool and die partner who provides exceptional service and precise craftsmanship at the right price—ensuring you receive the best possible value.

Our 74,000-square-foot facility in Avon, Ohio, is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that can meet the needs of any customer who requires custom metal stamping, CNC machining, tool and die construction and robotic welding. But our in-house capabilities far exceed these standard offerings. You can confidently rely on us for all of your design or prototyping needs, and you can even come to us for any ancillary service, such as deburring, heat treating, plating, painting, assembly, labeling and packaging.

Every service offering you receive from Westlake Tool & Die is guaranteed to be fast, custom and personalized.

Fast, Custom & Personalized Services


  • Our in-house tool room can design, build and maintain your tooling and fixtures, which helps get your projects done quickly—we have the ability to go from initial concept to product delivery remarkably fast.
  • Send us a CAD file or model and we can quickly provide detailed insights on the tooling costs, and immediately provide ideas to help improve your product and its ability to be manufactured.
  • Our in-house logistics team will work with your logistics department to guarantee every order is shipped as fast as possible—local deliveries are even handled by our own trucks.


  • You’ll receive a detailed quote for your specific project up front, which will include any tooling costs, the complete piece price, as well as an accurate timeline for the entire process, from initial order to completion.
  • We’ll work with your team to determine all the shipping details related to a particular project and determine if any special need should be addressed prior to the shipment of your order.
  • Overall, we’ll customize our processes to meet your individual needs.


  • Every detail of every job is stored in our database and used to better inform your future projects.
  • On average, our team members have been at Westlake Tool & Die for many decades, which means we also retain firsthand knowledge of your needs.
  • Our focus on building long-term business relationships is driven by a desire to provide professional, customer-specific insights with a personalized touch—we pride ourselves on knowing each of our customers by name and picking up the phone to talk through challenges and issues.
As a Westlake Tool & Die customer, your needs will come first. Our end goal is always total customer satisfaction. If you have metal stamping, tool and die, weldment or assembly needs, we’ll do everything possible to meet it quickly—without compromising quality.

“How we treat our customers, employees and vendors over the course of each day is what matters to us the most.”

– Seamus Walsh, President of Westlake Tool & Die

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