Robotic Welding Services That Increase Quality & Cost Savings

Robotic welding services need to be both reliable and cost effective. This is only possible if a team of experts oversees them, providing routine maintenance and state-of-the-art customization.

Westlake Tool & Die has those experts.

That's why customers can rely on our robotic welding services to deliver precisely accurate results and repeatability - two factors that greatly reduce cost. Whether used for arc welding or spot welding jobs, our robotic welding systems offer compelling benefits of economy and quality compared to manual welding, including:

  • Improved overall weld consistency
  • Increased weld efficiency
  • Increased material conservation
  • Reduced production time

A Knowledgeable Team Dedicated to Efficiency and Customization

Our team has experience both customizing robots and programming them to perform with precision. We use our comprehensive knowledge to optimally position each robot in our shop where it will create the highest-quality welds at extremely high rates of speed—which keeps your cost of production low. Each of our robots has a special head design that allows it to weld difficult-to-reach joints together, something that normal stock robots aren’t able to accomplish.

Because we can precisely weld many material types using various thicknesses of welding wire, we’re able to meet your needs quickly and efficiently while providing top-quality weldments that elevate your products to the next level.

Hands-on experience has allowed us to develop a robot welding process that puts the customer first and accounts for the most complex jobs. We constantly create and design fixtures in-house to ensure complete part reliability and repeatability for a long period of time. We also produce fixtures that weld one assembly together per robot cycle, or as many fixtures as the welding turntable can fit (to maximize robot runtime and reduce costs).

Plus, our 84" turntable can handle just about any size project—from welding 18-gauge sheet metal frames together to welding heavy-gauge, 3/8" thick plates to tubing and special bar stock.

No matter how customized we can make our robot welding solutions, we understand that you may have a welding need that doesn’t call for robotic automation. For Cleveland metal stamping, welding and assembly services you can rely on, contact us today and we’ll figure out the solution that will best work for your exact needs.

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