Successful Products Depend on Expert Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is the cornerstone of our business and it drives everything else we do. As a result, you get a partner who can execute all of your metal stamping needs with precision and flexibility.

At Westlake Tool & Die, we understand that cost-effective stampings begin with exceptional tooling, and we’ll work with you to provide the most cost-effective components. We can build simple, economical tooling that produces low-volume stampings in single-hit operations, or we can build complex, highly efficient progressive or transfer dies that provide the absolute lowest-cost parts with the highest degree of repeatability.

Plus, we have the ability to create tooling that can produce parts on our four-slide equipment. The four-slide manufacturing process allows you to form parts in multiple-axis applications rather than on a conventional stamping press. We can also design and implement in-die tapping that yields stampings with threaded holes, which means you avoid having to pay for a costly second operation to add welded fasteners or manually tap holes.

You will save even more money because all of our tooling is designed, built and maintained in-house. When we design a tool, we work with our customers to identify critical part aspects and features and then make provisions in the tooling to ensure part integrity and quality. We’ll maintain your tooling for the entire life of the stamped parts, and we’ll only charge for die maintenance or repair in certain instances where dies were made by or provided from another supplier. Because we have a wide array of equipment, we can easily adapt to accommodate a supplier’s tooling—by either simplifying it or maintaining its authenticity—in order to get you up and running quickly in the case of a problematic supply issue.

We use the most current metal stamping technology—competitors simply don’t have the assortment of equipment we have in-house. From specially coated punches and die sections to the latest in metal lubrication, the equipment and products we use all work together to provide you the most professional components in the timeliest fashion—and at the lowest overall cost.

Get the Most Out Of Our Metal Stamping Services

At Westlake Tool & Die, we’re able to skillfully provide the following metal stampings from:
  • Progressive Dies
  • Single-hit Dies
  • Transfer Dies
  • Four-slide Machines

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