Far-Reaching Production Capabilities That Reduce Your Costs & Lead Time

Choosing Westlake Tool & Die for all your large-scale projects—from beginning to end—will save you money and ensure your products get to market faster. In addition to providing tool and die construction or metal forming processes, we can take the stampings we produce and combine them with other stampings and/or tubing and fasteners—all under our roof.

By combining components, we can efficiently supply an entirely cost-effective product while reducing the number of parts you need to worry about sourcing. This translates into less unwanted product in your inventory, reduced lead time to market and, in effect, faster market penetration, increased sales revenue and profitability. This is just one example of how our comprehensive experience can work for you.


Any successful final product starts with a realistic metal stamping prototype, which means it must be made using the material that will be used during production. Westlake Tool & Die has the capability to source any type of material as well as the expertise to build cost-effective prototype tooling.

Metal Stamping

At Westlake Tool & Die, we can build simple, economical tooling that produces low-volume stampings in single-hit operations, or we can build complex, highly efficient progressive or transfer dies that provide the absolute lowest-cost parts with the highest degree of repeatability.

CNC Machining

When CNC machines are consistently updated and maintained like they are at Westlake Tool & Die, they have the ability to streamline entire workflows by producing repeatable results that are more accurate, reliable and faster compared to the more manual methods of machining.


There’s a reason why customers from many industries depend on us to produce their can’t-fail metal parts and components: We have an exhaustive understanding of nearly every type of metal material.This means we aren’t just an order-taking sheet metal stamper or tool and die maker.


Westlake Tool & Die can handle your precise assembly operations and all of the complementary services that help ensure precision prior to and after assembly—from part management and sourcing to packaging, warehousing and shipping.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding services need to be both reliable and cost effective. This is only possible if a team of experts oversees them, providing routine maintenance and state-of-the-art customization. Westlake Tool & Die has those experts.

Engineering Support

Whether you have an engineering staff or not, we can turn your great ideas into real-world products. With decades of experience, our team can offer advice and potential solutions backed by expertise.

Value-Added Services

We’re committed to our customers, and that’s why we’ve adopted a full-service, personalized approach. Often this approach calls for thinking outside of the box with you to come up with the best solution to a specific scenario. These are just some of the additional conveniences we provide:
  • In-House Tool Room
    We build everything in our own facility, which means your projects get done quickly. We use the latest version of AutoCAD with a tooling package to speed the design process up. We also use ESPRIT software, which interfaces with our design software to program our wire EDM machine and CNC machining center. If you need quick turnaround die repair or tooling maintenance, our in-house tool room has you covered.
  • Storage
    Our large warehouse facility allows us to keep the parts you need on-hand and stocked.
  • Local, No-Cost Deliveries
    Our local deliveries are handled by our own trucks weekly at no cost to you. If you need a part quickly, give us a call.
At Westlake Tool & Die, we’re dedicated to finding the least costly, most efficient way to produce the most professional work for customers. That’s why our team has developed expertise in a wide range of services. Contact us, and we’ll figure out the best possible solution together.

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