High-Quality Metal Stamping Materials

At Westlake Tool & Die, our custom, full-service approach to stamping, welding and metal assembly delivers fast, impactful results. There’s a reason why customers from many industries depend on us to produce their can’t-fail metal parts and components: We have an exhaustive understanding of nearly every type of metal material.

This means we aren’t just an order-taking sheet metal stamper or tool and die maker. We’re a full-service tool and die partner that works alongside you to craft your most complex metal jobs to spec—on time, every time.

It also means we take into account a wide range of factors related to material properties and application requirements prior to making material recommendations, which helps eliminate errors at every stage in the manufacturing process, from prototyping through assembly.

Materials Expertise You Can Rely On

Some of the metallic materials we regularly work with (at thicknesses ranging from 0.004" up to 0.500") include:
  • Stainless steel (both tempered and annealed)
  • Aluminum (all grades from 1100 series to 6061-T6)
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • High-strength steel
  • High-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA)
  • Special alloy steel (such as 4140)
  • Cold rolled steel (from commercial-grade to EDDS and IF grade)
  • Hot rolled pickled and oiled steel (HRPO)
  • High-carbon spring steel
  • Food-grade metals
  • Galvanized and aluminized coated metals
  • Nitrile coated material

You can rely on our metal materials expertise to save you time and money right from the beginning. We excel at creating custom, realistic prototypes of any metal stamped or welded component. By creating a prototype using the exact material used in the final product, we can immediately see whether the material chosen is the right one—before mistakes become costly or time-consuming.

And when we CNC machine your parts, we’ll troubleshoot and come up with solutions for all project-specific material challenges. Whether you require a specialty grade of stainless steel for a food processing application or a custom metal product that needs to help transmit electricity, we’ll be able to make a material recommendation that precisely fits your exact project need.

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