Rely on Our Custom CNC Machining Services to Deliver Precise, On-Time Results

Trust Westlake Tool & Die with your most challenging machining jobs, and we'll make sure they're done on time-the right way-every time. Whether you exactly know what you need or not, we have the experience to guide you to the right solution and the cutting-edge technology to expertly machine the precision parts that have the specific features and benefits you need.

CNC Machining Ensures Accuracy and Saves Time

When CNC machines are consistently updated and maintained like they are at Westlake Tool & Die, they have the ability to streamline entire workflows by producing repeatable results that are more accurate, reliable and faster compared to the more manual methods of machining.
  • Accurate
    Our CNC machines allow us to take your complex drawings, make them into precise prototypes from blocks of solid steel or aluminum and then produce them with precision. We can also give stamped CNC machining parts various machined surfaces, put radii on stamped edges, machine depths or profiles to match the most stringent requirements, tap holes with our built-in tapping feature and much more. From beginning to end, our dynamic CNC machining services ensure accuracy.
  • On-Time
    Because well-maintained CNC machines can run virtually nonstop without interruptions, they can greatly increase production capacities. They can also save time by working concurrently on multiple axes. We pride ourselves on our regular large part machining updates and maintenance, which ultimately makes them the reliable machines that will greatly shorten your part’s lead time to market.
Whatever your industry or application, our precise and efficient CNC machining parts manufacturing capability is just another part of the full-service suite of solutions we provide our customers.

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