Our Expertise Delivers Innovation to The Food Processing Industry

Manufacturers of food processing equipment work within a challenging, competitive industry that’s full of rigid demands. There’s absolutely no room for errors or work that isn’t exceptional.

Westlake Tool & Die has more than 30 years of experience producing high-quality parts and equipment for a wide range of industries, including the food processing industry. When one of our long-term customers needed a machining partner to help deliver an innovative—and comprehensive—solution for a client of theirs that worked within the food processing industry, they knew they could rely on us.

The Challenge

An existing customer with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality conveyor systems was commissioned by a food processing company to create a large conveyor system that quickly and efficiently transports raw materials and food products throughout an expansive facility. We were tasked to help them create a conveyor system unlike any out there. Specifically, we needed to help them address concerns in three main areas:

  • Speed
    In food processing, the faster product can get from farm to retail shelf the better. Our customer was challenged to make a conveyor system that rivaled or beat the fastest conveyors on the market at the time. And because of the food processing industry’s inflexible deadlines, our customer needed to get the new conveyor system up and running quickly.
  • Cost
    In order to remain competitive within the already-competitive food processing industry, our customer’s client required a solution that was cost-effective—and innovative.
  • Reputation
    Reputation is everything, especially when creating an innovative product for an industry that’s uncompromising in its requirements.

The Solution

Projects that require innovation, precision and efficiency at a low cost can prove to be too much for the average tool and die shop. Westlake Tool & Die excels in these scenarios. We immediately knew we could deliver a successful result for two reasons: 1) We have in-depth knowledge and experience creating conveyor systems for the food processing industry, and 2) We have a strong working relationship with this long-standing customer that’s built on trust. Ultimately, the innovative solution we were able to provide was the result of three factors:

  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking
    This custom solution started where many do—in prototyping. Our expertise in creating real-world prototypes and ability to partner with this customer like we were an extension of their team allowed us the creative freedom to craft a custom, cost-effective food-grade metal part—formed with exceptional tooling and stamped out of high-quality food-grade steel—that made their conveyor system faster. In fact, the part we created is so successful in speeding up conveyors, it’s since been used in conveyor systems throughout the food processing industry—leading to reduced lead times to market and cost savings.
  • Comprehensive Cost-Effectiveness
    We were able to deliver cost-savings in every area, from prototyping to production. The realistic prototype we created reduced the number of errors made, which made the tooling, product and project less expensive. Because we developed the custom prototype, we knew precisely how it should be manufactured—both in terms of process and material. Again, this reduced cost and allowed us to cut the customer’s lead time in half.
  • Expertise in Innovation
    At the end of the day, it was our years of experience that allowed us to create a custom, industry-changing product. Our existing knowledge base allowed us to understand our customer’s exact need and transform a concept into a real-world, comprehensive solution.

This project was one example of our ability to provide customers comprehensive, cost-effective and innovative solutions that help them grow. We were able to use our expertise to see the bigger picture and not just the project at hand. The end result? A satisfied customer with a healthy, growing business and innovation that’s helped transform the entire food processing industry.

The end result? Premium metal stamping for the food industry and a satisfied customer with a healthy, growing business. All of this was brought about through innovation that’s helped transform the entire food processing industry.

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